September 25, 2016

Adolf Hitler Parody Videos

As fans of the original Fanta Shokata website that allowed people to use predefined video clips of people speaking in foreign languages and then add your own subtitles to create brilliant comedy, we were shocked to see that there has been an internet meme of a clip from a movie about Hitler that people have been doing the exact same thing with.

Note, we are not fans of the real Adolf Hitler, and we find his actions in real life to be very offensive. But seeing an actor playing Hitler get so angry about different inconsequential things is really quite amusing.

Adolf Hitler Gets His Xbox Live Account Banned

Hitler Is Pissed Twitter Is Down After His Dog Dies

Adolf Hitler Upset He Upgraded to Windows Vista

Hitler Gets RickRoll’d

Somebody Stole Hitler’s Car

Hitler Is A Fan of HD DVD vs. Blu Ray

Who Knew Hitler Loved Burning Man?

Hitler Loves the Dallas Cowboys

Hitler Got the Wrong Bike

Hitler Can’t Believe Some of the Rookie Fantasy Football Moves

Hitler Loves the South Carolina Gamecocks

Hitler Owns Manchester United, And Is Angry at Ronaldo Leaving

Hitler Banned from World of Warcraft

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  • justlaugh87

    Hitler Reacts to “You Dun Goofed Up”, Jesse Slaughter, and the Cyber Police

  • justlaugh87


  • premier league winners players

    A very thought-provoking post. I intend to pay more visits to this site again soon.

  • Philippe Cooke-Esq

    Hitler angry about all parody videos…

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  • Spobin Rottiswoode

    It’s reallly easy to make these kinds of parody videos on You don’t have to download the video or anything, just enter the text you want for the subtitles.

  • Hagbard Celine

    Is there a SINGLE video with original dialogue on YouTube?