October 1, 2016

Just Admit When You’re Clueless

If you are confused about what to do with your money in this economic climate, you’re not alone.

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Sony Releases New Piece of $*%# To Much Fanfare

Get out to Best Buy and buy your new pile of electronics crap today. If the embedded video doesn’t work, click here.

Harder Better Barack Obamer

Here’s Barack Obama going after the younger, hipper vote. Too bad this isn’t real, somebody should really get him some of those Kanye West glasses. [Read more…]

Let Wu-Tang Financial Manage Your Money

Apparently the Wu-Tang Clan wants to get into financial management. I say go for it. [Read more…]

Rap Battle Translated

“In fact, I once had a romantic rendezvous with your biological mother in which fellatio was performed forthwith and without explanation. The encounter lasted several hours and many unspeakable acts were implemented. I paid her for her services and no subsequent contact, either verbally or physically, has been made.” Genius. [Read more…]

What if Star Trek was the A-Team?

Here’s a video mash-up of our beloved A-Team along with the original Star Trek starring Bill Shatner as James T. Kirk. Sulu as Howling Mad Murdock! Perfect. [Read more…]

Smart Cars Hit the Mainstream

The original Smart Car.

And the newest entries in the market.

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Tiger Woods Walks on Water

Apparently EA wants to set the record straight regarding a “glitch” in their popular video game and so they employ Tiger to do what no other golfer can do.

Usain Bolt Slow-motion Celebration

It’s hard to be critical of a superhuman but, as this video shows, Usain Bolt’s celebration after setting a new world record was a bit excessive. [Read more…]

Stephen Colbert Nails Medical Marijuana User

Dr. Tommy Chong makes an appearance in this fine piece of investigative journalism.
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Choosing a Vice President TV Movie

Conan O’Brien helps John McCain choose his vice president. The good-natured presidential candidate shows enthusiasm to the point of laughing at the jokes he doesn’t get.
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My Goodness, My Guinness

Ok, this is highly inappropriate. I have to given them credit for the sheer brazenness of the ad. Along with that, what country do I have to live in to see advertisements like this? [Read more…]

Kiteboarding During a Tropical Storm

While obviously campaigning for a 2008 Darwin Award somebody came up with the idea to try to kiteboard during tropical story Fay. Skull-cracking hilarity ensues. [Read more…]

Katie Couric Shamelessly Pandering

We here at Hilarious.net would just like to thank Katie for being our link to the inaccessible world to politics.
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I Google Myself

Trolling all the dating sites, from Match.com to AdultFriendFinder, he’s struck out every time. So he sits at home and Erik Weiner Google’s himself. It’s a great little video but I do have one complaint. I’m afraid he’s going to singled-handedly soil our most popular Internet-era verb. [Read more…]

Two Girls, One Pole

It’s tough to tell but it seems like a pole dancing lesson turns into a catfight. Oddly enough, both activities are heavily endorsed by Hilarious.net. [Read more…]

Inspiring Billboard for Young Minds

They seem to have inadvertently nailed the relationship between studying engineering and having sex – it’s one or the other.


Dual-purpose Jockey Shorts

Can be worn as as a bra, or velcro the crotch back in and wear as underwear. Available at Wal-mart.


Hip Hop Phrase ‘No Homo’ Explained

This overused comedic disclaimer is explained by The Ill Doctrine. Here’s how it could properly be used: Rodge Rockwell brings his unusually large collection of scented oils everywhere he goes and offers free massages to friends (no homo).
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Sean Penn’s Best Jeff Spicoli Moments

I guess it’s Sean Penn’s 48th birthday and so as a half-hearted salute to this decent but over-rated actor we’ll go ahead and pay tribute by showcasing some of his finest work. Here’s a compilation of the best Jeff Spicoli quotes from Fast Time at Ridgemont High. [Read more…]