September 27, 2016

George Brett Is The Next T-Pain

Georgia Tech Player Really Uses His Head

Not since JaQelvis took out Juan P. Hammer on a crossing route have I seen an impact like this one.

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Steve Nash’s Vitamin Water Infomercial

As soon as Steve’s career as an NBA player is over (is he still playing?), he can obviously step right in for the late and great Billy Mays.
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Macgruber is joined by Macgyver!’s favorite hero Macgruber is back with the original Macgyver played by Richard Dean Anderson. It turns out Magyver is his dad! Watch out for the totally inappropriate ending. View the entire Macgruber series from Saturday Night Live here.
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SNL’s Laser Cats: The Complete Collection

One of the top recurring digital shorts on Saturday Night Live has been the intentionally amateurish Laser Cats movies staring Andy Samberg and Bill Hader. The genius is in the horrible special effects.

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Evolution of Dance 2

The original Evolution of Dance was one of the most watched web videos of all time. So copying the same thing with different dances doesn’t have the same intrigue or surprise factor. However, Soulja Boy at the end makes it all worthwhile.
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Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade RickRoll

I love how confused 99.8% of the audience must have been while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and then seeing this….
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Head Over Heels: The Literal Version

DustoMcNeato has done it again with a funny 80s video that he’s reworked into the literal version. His first video was Ah Ha’s Take On Me Literal Version and he’s back with Head Over Heels.
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Terry Tate vs. Sarah Palin

One of the best commercial series of all time is Reebok’s “Terrible” Terry Tate, the Office Linebacker. It looks like Terry has moved on from tackling Doug who forgot to put a cover on his TPS report to taking out Sarah Palin and her lack of an ability to answer a question.
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Macgruber Is Back, This Time With Financial Ruin

Saturday Night Live finally got smart and brought Macgruber back for some more clips. Macgruber hadn’t checked his stocks in months, and is in for a big surprise when he finds out the stock market has crashed.

For all the past Macgruber clips, see our complete Macgruber SNL video collection.

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That’s What She Said: Detention Notice

In the first post of what may become a regular feature here on Hilarious, we highlight things that highlight the classic line “That’s what she said”.

That's What She Said Detention Notice

Hat tip to For a Pessimist, I am Pretty Optimistic.

Take On Me Literal Version

This is genius. There should be a whole genre of literal version music videos created. An unending stream of humor would be the result. Highlights include the band montage and pipe wrench fight.
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It’s Great to Get a Secret Surprise

The CollegeHumor crew brings some more humor to the workplace in this episode in their Hardly Working series. Poor Susanna, but at least Kunal loves her. Make sure you watch until the very end.
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Obama Gets Stronger

We knew Barack Obama was into music, most notably Rick Astley, but who knew he could not only cover Kanye West’s Stronger but even mix in his own lyrics? Nice touch with the Kanye glasses.
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McCain Gets Barackroll’d at Republican Convention

I’m such a sucker for a RickRoll. This is some genius editing, but let’s just pretend it happened. The look on McCain’s face is great.

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College Humor Hardly Working: Phantom Houseguest

The Phantom of the Opera makes for quite an annoying houseguest. continues to impress me with their work.
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Top 10 Songs in Mario Paint

Maybe it was the years I spent playing the original Super Mario Bros game on Nintendo, but these songs just sound “right” to me. I’m now beginning to question why all songs aren’t composed and performed using Mario Paint? Why even have instruments when you can make music that would make Mozart weep with joy?
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JaQelvis Stylez For President in 2008!

He’s a bit too shy to announce it himself, but is proud to reveal that a growing grassroots movement has taken the nation by storm to elect our own JaQelvis Stylez for President. Here’s the local news cast covering it.
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Michael Phelps is a Bad Sport

We all knew Michael Phelps was dominating the Olympics swimming events, but who knew he was such a jerk after he won? My favorite part of the video though is the weird logo clip at the end.
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Hurricane Fay Tube Riding

While Juan P. Hammer is currently running from Hurricane Fay with his tail between his legs, these dudes know how to take advantage of the situation. Dumbasses.
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