September 25, 2016

Mayor Ford DJ Steve Porter (Crack Remix)

The Toronto mayor is the funniest thing to happen this side of Chris Farley. DJ Steve Porter gives him the proper hip-hop treatment. [Read more…]

Real Life Fruit Ninja

Real life sumo fruit ninja slow motion dubstep!?!!? Pass the katana blade! [Read more…]

Worst Free Throw Ever

He says that the ball slipped. How did the ball go 20 feet in the air if it slipped!? [Read more…]

Oppan Bespin Style

You can’t even escape him in Cloud City at this point! [Read more…]

Conan and 1st Graders Sing the Blues

Put Conan in a room with some kids to interview and you’re going to get some comedy! [Read more…]

The Walking Dead – Growing Pains Style

A very touching show…Just sharing that Laughter and Love! (with well zombie)
YouTube Preview Image

Baby needs her Biggie Smalls

I cry if you turn off my B.I.G. too!
YouTube Preview Image

AC/DC Star Wars Mashup

I just couldn’t resist posting this. The force is strong with this video.
YouTube Preview Image

Snoop Dogg looks into international growing tricks

Snoop Dogg tries to get some expert advice for how to grow bigger “Vegetables”.
[Read more…]

Stephen Colbert breaks down Anderson Cooper


This video is not very hilarious, but I thought it was just really damn cool.

Old Man interview bomb

This guy is hilarious, meow! [Read more…]

R.I.P. Macho Man Randy Savage

One of the all time greats of the WWF died at age 58 today. I hope they have some Slim Jims in heaven! [Read more…]

Jack Sparrow from Lonely Island and Michael Bolton

A triumphant return of Michael Bolton doing the most disturbing Erin Brockovich impression of all time. [Read more…]

George W. Bush: “We got him!”

A benefit of the Bin Laden assassination…More Will Ferrell as Dubya! [Read more…]

Sexy Sax Man Public Pranking

Look out everyone, it looks like SERGIO is out on the loose in your city! [Read more…]

Just for Kids Hair Coloring

Great, now 12 year olds will be stealing hot girls from me at bars instead of just douche bags. [Read more…]

Sleeping kid wakes up Krunk!

I’ve seen the same thing happen at a Lil’ Jon concert! [Read more…]

Internet Love Song

Could he not have found a way to throw a “Boom goes the Dynamite” in there?! [Read more…]

Baby King of Dance Mr. Z

I think that the stronghold of cats owning the internet is being challenged by babies! Mr. Z might be their leader. [Read more…]