September 30, 2016

Crazy Touchdown Celebration

Imagine a football team full of dudes like this. Maybe in Portlandia. [Read more…]

Ferd F-teenthousand Truck

You will grow one extra testicle if you watch this video! [Read more…]

Dexter in 60 Seconds

If you are a Dexter fan, this spoof will bring out every issue that you would like to make fun of this show for. Well played!
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Reggae Chills out hyper kid

Bob Marley gets this crabby kid to mellow out to the smooth beats. Weed infused milk works as well.
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I Can Summon Wolves

This would obviously be a really amazing special power! I might have to re-name my Fantasy Football team “If you Sass me like that, I will summon Wolves!”
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Your Business Card Sucks Guy

You may have not noticed, but is kind of a big deal now. Once you become a big deal, you obviously need business cards. But we’re, we can’t just get run of the mill standard business cards, so we did a little research and found this guy. I think we’ve found our business card design.
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Zach Galifianakis gets Galifianakis’d

We’ve seen ZG do many uncomfortable interviews on his series Between Two Ferns, but this time the tables are turned on his press tour his new movie where Zach has to field some craziness from the Good Morning Texas host, Gordon Keith.
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Justin Timberlake’s Funniest Web Videos

Very few people have had the career arc of Justin Timberlake. He burst onto the scene as a teen heartthrob with N’Sync and was destined to a wealthy future of being mocked for a major part of a boy band. JT then moved on to become a slightly respectable solo artist, but then broke out of nowhere as a comedy genius on Saturday Night Live and other TV shows, which is now led to serious dramatic movie roles. Who would have believed it?
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Run Spencer Run

Do you know what is funny? Spencer Pratt dressed up in his outdoor gear running like he is an Army Ranger! [Read more…]

Thunder Busters!

Wow. Never saw this one coming, but dang, it totally works!
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Dude, You have no Quran!

This is not the kind of dude you would expect to find down in Amarillo, TX, but I am glad he is down there doing good work! How can we honor our hero? Auto-Tune!
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Uncle Matin’s Sword Trick

This is a pretty hilarious prequel to a very famous movie scene. Very clever and it has the boss of the Buy More from Chuck, so that is a real nice bonus!
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The Dude enters the Matrix

I bet The Dude was like…Red or Blue pill? Can I take em both? Screw it Morpheus, let’s go bowlin. [NSFW language by the Dude, of course]
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Watermelon Face Smash

Two seconds worth of video that will make you a fan of the Amazing Race for life!
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Mommy and Daddy Smooth Jam Song

Every child’s worst nightmare is to walk in on their parents doing the nasty, but this child turns it into an Usher-worthy Smooth Jam!
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Eccentric Witness Backin’ Up Song

First, this news video shows a special lady describing a robbery, then the Autotune the News team makes magic happen:
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Dad’s Life

My dad was hard core like this. We were the first family down in South East Eugene to have a Dodge minivan. Respekt!
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Happiest Wedding Cry In The World Remix

This goes beyond words, but it features Cryrolling and strange wedding DJs. What else do you need?
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Literal Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parody Trailer

Taking a cue from the successful literal music videos, comes the literal movie trailer. Who better to mock than everyone’s favorite awkward boy wizard? And I mean Harry Potter by that, not JaQelvis Stylez.
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Mustache Baby “I was drunk”

This is Rodge Rockwell’s baby. The chances of it coming out with a full mustache were 97%, and that was if it had been a girl!
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