September 4, 2015

THE NEW DORK – Entrepreneur State of Mind

You pretty much have to be an incredible dork to understand most of the references in this video, and luckily I AM. If you aren’t, just bob your head and look at the cute keyboard girl.
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Dog eats with Human Hands

I took a hidden video of my dog Samba when she is home alone all day. She has pretty good table manners!
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LARP: Live Avatar Role Playing

This was bound to happen. These Na’vi role players are way behind the times though. See video #2 to see how the real LARPers get it done! Lightning Bolt guy will be having making sahayla all over the place!
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Keyboard Dog

Keyboard Cat better watch out because Keyboard dog is about to play him out!
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Archeologist Discovers Friendster

Friendster became MySpace and down the rabbit hole of crap we went.
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Dangers of Getting Stoked

I am getting stoked right now! At work! With my pants off! (warning NSFW language)
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OK, this isn’t funny at all; is here to teach you a few things in between snorting liquid out of your nose during a laughing fit.
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To All the Booty Peeps on my Stickam list

This is probably the worst video I have ever seen, therefore I need to post it. This girl’s personal heroes are Bubba Sparxxx, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Sarah Palin and Jesus, not necessarily in that order. How can I get on this “Stickam” list to see more of this amazing content?!
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Boy finds Real E.T.

Only The Onion can make things this uncomfortable…well, so can Rodge.
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Creepy Robot Pillow

This is probably the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen. Rodge has already pre-ordered 100 of these.
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Hippity Hop Flash Mob

If you aren’t going to wear Hammer Pants, a hippity hop flash mob is definitely the way to go! Check out these hoppers taking over the city streets of Barcelona!
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Facebook Likes Can Be Awkward

“4 Awkward Moments in Facebook “Likes”" by Brian Murphy on CollegeHumor provides a good look into some of the awkward and funny things that can occur with the “Like” option on Facebook.

Charlize Theron and Zach Galifanakis

I would really like to spend and evening with either of these two, but for very different reasons. Or both if we’re going to the naked pool!

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Squeez Bacon


If you were ever too lazy or just didn’t have a frying pan handy, check out Sqeez Bacon! For a delicious protein shake, blend with milk and ice!
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Leprechan Dance!

I haven’t seen moves this slick since I battle-danced my grandma at a wedding!

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I’m in a Snuggie!

It was only a matter of time before the best product ever mashed it up with the best song ever!
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Get Snuggie!

Do you get cold, but need to use your hands? Get Snuggie! Want to look like a monk at a baseball game? Get Snuggie!
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Attractive Girls Union plays Hardball

Sadly this part really rings true…”Does 6 or 7 push ups a night and has announced plans to start jogging”. JaQelvis is going to boycott them first!

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Macgruber Is Back, This Time With Financial Ruin

Saturday Night Live finally got smart and brought Macgruber back for some more clips. Macgruber hadn’t checked his stocks in months, and is in for a big surprise when he finds out the stock market has crashed.

For all the past Macgruber clips, see our complete Macgruber SNL video collection.

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Spelling Bee Kid has Problems


If you ever needed to see a public service announcement for not home schooling someone, watch this interview. This kid is a true piece of work, and likely a future serial killer.
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