September 26, 2016

Dear Sister Shooting SNL Digital Short

A rather odd Digital Short from SNL last night.  Anything with Samberg is inherently hilarious.  I’m quite sure that a Gwarm strategy session will end up like this one day between JaQelvis, Honcho, Juan P. and Rodge.

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  • Juan P. Hammer

    03:49 PM / Juan: i have no idea what’s going on in this video
    03:50 PM / JaQelvis: it all comes clear
    03:51 PM / Juan: are they making fun of the bloody finale slow-mo cliche?
    03:51 PM / JaQelvis: no idea. it is quite a leap at humor.
    03:52 PM / Juan: 1 minute to go…
    03:52 PM / Juan: i’m disturbed
    03:53 PM / Juan: fucking weird

  • Rodge Rockwell

    Oh man. That was absolute genius.

  • Jesus

    dood., there making fun of murder episode of the O.C..

  • Juan P. Hammer

    Thanks for the clarification, Jeebus.

  • DD

    man that’s fricken hilarious :O hahahha

    Lovin it when Shia LaBouef walks in lol

    “MAn! Just though of the Funniest thing!!”


  • Prime


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  • matt

    This is a parody from the season 2 finale of “The OC”. It’s on youtube here:

  • Legomancer

    Man, it sure is great to see more TNL scripts in the traditional Lonely Island style.

  • marty

    If anyone has watched Death Note: The Movie (jap) u will find relevant references to it.

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  • Roland Deschain

    What Rodge said.

  • remy


  • Alex

    LMAO!! That was so funny!

  • Michael

    Pure genious. wish i saw the whole show

  • isabella

    OMFG!! that was SOO freakin funny….im lmfao….i knows its a year later but this is still funny….if you watch the season 2 finale of the OC youll understand the origin of this lmfao

  • Shenova

    I was updating my music collection and came across ‘Hide and Seek’ by Imogen Heap. A few links later through Wikipedia, I came across the season 2 finale of The O.C on YT and now here I am. With tears in my eyes. That was pure brilliance, srsly!

  • snell_kile

    HAhahahahaha Love this!

  • jazzie_wazzie

    i love the multiple shootings at the sister
    & then the cops scene. hilarious. brilliant.

    their face expressions make it funny. ^-^

  • Morgane ( french )

    trop trop bien c’√©tait styl√© !!!! i really enjoyed that parody !!! lots of fun! i love their face expressions ! excellent! :) j’adore……….

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  • Samberg fan 201

    with the sister being shot where do the other guns come from? the mystery of it makes it even more funny

  • Suzi

    OMG that was sweet I’ve seen a parody of this but that was bloody awesome!!!!

  • JaQelvis Stylez


  • Tae Yang

    HAHAHAHA XD!!! couldnt stop laughing at 1:42+

  • robb

    someone who have the url to this video on youtube? i really want the url so i can turn it in to favourites, really love this video =D please comment with url!

  • JaQelvis Stylez

    Pretty sure NBC had it removed from YouTube. They don’t play well with others.

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  • Cris Williamson

    I like what you said. Kudos.

  • Ariel

    fucking hilarious

  • questionguy#1

    why can’t i view full screen?

  • dom

    omg at the start when Andy got shot i almost cried

    and by the end i was

    i was laughing that hard!!!!!

  • JAYO

    omg!! that is the best thing SNL has ever done!!!!!

    its even funnier if you’ve seen the finale episode of series 2 from the O.C


    check it out guys!!

  • JAYO


  • juggs

    omg so funny

  • fabio

    haha hilarious

  • DM40

    Absolutely fantastic!

  • http://N/a Christina

    I love the oc sooooooo much
    This skit sucked balls
    Sheila lapoof is super mega hotness!!!!

  • Red

    I can just watch this over and over

    Best SNL skit this decade

  • Mariah

    the name of the song IS … anybody ? ??

  • G

    Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek

  • John

    Didn’t find that funny at all…

  • lalaLand

    LOL.. this was pretty funny

  • renzo

    nooooooooo the link is broken fuuuuuuuuuk

  • Anonymous

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  • Kraftygirl95

    since the link is broken here is another Dear sister site, its the real one dont worry