October 1, 2016

MacGruber sells out to Pepsi and becomes Pepsuber

This is going to be a great match when MacGruber and Pepsi join! There are so many bomb diffusing uses from a Pepsi Can! Now Pepsuber really needs to take note of the amazing Richard Dean Anderson mullet!
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The Complete MACGRUBER SNL Video Collection

It took a while to grow on people, and for those too young to remember the television show Macgyver they’re parodying it’s probably about 50% as funny as it is to those of us who remember it. I can’t tell you how many glasses of Scotch I downed watching Macgyver in the 80s. Wait, yes I can: 291. And now we bring you the complete (so far) hilarious collection of MACGRUBER!

First, the series of shorts kick off with Macgruber working with Jeremy Piven.

Now, our hero Macgruber starts to impersonate either Jaqelvis or David Hasselhoff, I get them both confused.

Now, Macgruber starts to get a little vain and have some work done. Were they mocking my main man Richard Dean Anderson here?

Now Jonah Hill gets in on the act by telling Macgruber he can’t do his job. Don’t $#&! with Macgruber Jonah!

Macgruber reunites with his long lost son Shia Labeouf who appears to be impersonating Juan P. Hammer in this series. How odd.

The stock market has crashed, and besides defusing bombs Macgruber is dealing with the stress of his financial situation.

And as an added bonus, a clip of the original Macgyver opening!

Superbowl commercial MacGruber! Richard Dean Anderson rocks the mullet as MacGruber gets caught up in the Pepsi marketing machine. Five seconds Pepsuber!

Pepsuber just loves that Pepsi, almost as much as he loves blowing crap up!

Pepsuber’s Pepsi fetish has taken new and disasterous turns!

Macgruber is joined by the original Macgyver who shockingly turns out to be his father. Watch out for the totally inappropriate ending!

Charles Barkley joins Macgruber. I can’t say that this was one of the funnier Macgrubers, sorry Chuck.

Betty White and Macgruber make the cutest couple! What, grandma?

Will Forte sings the Macgruber theme song on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

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