September 28, 2016

Top 10 G.I. Joe PSA Voice Over Videos

The G.I. Joe PSA voice over videos from FenslerFilm have been an internet phenomenon for quite some time. We all wathced G.I. Joe growing up and all probably agreed that the PSA’s in between cartoons were ridiculous. However, I can appreciated these PSA voice overs much more having seen them when I was a kid.

In a recent conversation with some colleges, it was revealed that they had not seen any of the G.I. Joe PSA voice over videos. So I thought I’d let them know by compiling a list of my favorites. And I think we can all agree that knowing is half the battle.

Who wants a body massage?

I’m a computer!


Look at all your different color hats

Reggae – something bus rider?

Porkchop Sandwiches!

Last one there is a penis pop!

If I were in that water – DEAD!

Bet you won’t touch that button BITCH!

Robotic voice with fire

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  • Rodge Rockwell

    Seriously the most funny randomness on the web. The Rodge can’t help but laugh at these clips.